Who Is Margaret Osswald And What Was Her cause of Death?

Margaret Osswald

Margaret Osswald cause of death

According to the National Parks Service, a Mormon State lady died once falling within the Grand Canyon whereas on a personal yachting expedition.

Margaret Osswald, 34, of Salt Lake town, died once falling roughly twenty feet close to the Ledges Camp on the Colorado watercourse on Mon around 6:30 p.m., in line with officers.On the sixth day of a multi-day non-public yachting vacation, Osswald was exhausted.

She had gone into the canon to satisfy her cluster at Phantom Ranch, a historic lodge, once she fell, in line with officers.

Members of the watercourse trip cluster aforesaid that she was unresponsive and commenced resuscitation.

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Cause of death

Because of the darkness, Grand Canyon parkland officers requested Associate in Nursing emergency eggbeater response from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, that arrived around 8:30 p.m.

At the scene, she was pronounced deceased.The accident is being investigated by the parkland Service and therefore the Coconino County doctor.

According to The Salt Lake apse, Osswald worked as Associate in Nursing assistant director for the Mormon State Division of Water Quality.

Margaret Osswald reason for death“We square measure deeply saddened by this loss, and our thoughts and support exit to her fair-haired ones at this troublesome time,” the agency aforesaid in a very statement to the paper.

She is that the fourth person to die in Grand Canyon parkland this year. simply last week, a Colorado lady died once she fell overboard into whitewater rapids.