Winners of Urban Local Government Elections on behalf of Temujin met and congratulated Vijayakanth | The winners of the urban local body elections on behalf of Temujin met and congratulated Vijayakanth


In urban local elections Success Recipients DMDK I met the company president Vijaykanth in person yesterday Congratulations Received.

In urban local elections Success Received DMDK Candidates in Chennai Coimbatore DMDK At the party headquarters, they met and greeted the party’s corporate president Vijayakanth. Success For recipients Vijayakant Congratulations. During this event DMDK Treasurer Premalatha Vijayakand, Deputy Secretaries LK Sudesh and Parthisarathy were among those present.

Premalatha at the meeting that followed Vijayakant Speaking on the occasion, he said, “As Temujin competed alone, the Murasu symbol has reached the people. As a party with more youth DMDK There is. Must strive for the development of the party. Need to add more members. In the 2024 election Success We have to plan and start the work from now on, ”he said.

He later told reporters, “The power of money and the power of government go beyond everything DMDK Candidates Success Have received. Everything about this election has already been planned and conducted. It is doubtful whether elections will be held in a truly democratic manner. The election must be conducted in a fair manner. The ruling party, the ruling party, the party in the middle of the vote in the election Success Have received. The reason for the low turnout in Chennai is the lack of public confidence in the election. The drop in turnout in the urban local elections is due to public confidence in the election. ”