Who is the first woman mayor of Dindigul? – Three on DMK leadership’s final list | Who is the first woman mayor of Dindigul? Three names on the final list of party leadership


Dindigul: Of Dindigul First female mayor The question of who has arisen not only among the DMK but also among the general public, DMK The final list of party leaders includes the names of three women councilors.

Out of a total of 48 wards in the election held for Dindigul Corporation DMK And the Coalition Parties, the DMK is in asura strength with 42 councilors as independents affiliated to the DMK. AIADMK-5, BJP-1 are in the opposition ranks. in this situation, DMK Many are trying to capture the position of mayor on behalf of. Some are pressuring the party leadership not only through Cooperatives Minister I. Periyasamy, but also in other ways to take over the mayoral post.

In this situation, it seems that the party leadership has finally considered only the names of the three. This includes the names of the engineering graduate and MBA graduate O. Saranya, who won the 6th ward, Lakshmi, who won the 30th ward, and Nithya, who won the 37th ward. According to party sources, only one of them is likely to be elected mayor.

With 48 councilors due to take office in Dindigul tomorrow, not only among the councilors who will be elected mayor Dindigul Expectations have also risen among the metropolitan population. After the councilors take office DMK Formally from the party leadership Dindigul The announcement of the mayoral candidate has been made.

Following this, he was shortlisted to contest the by-election for the mayoral post to be held on the morning of the 4th DMK Women Councilors One in three Candidate filing Will do. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Subsequently DMK The councilor will be elected unopposed as the first female mayor.

Opposition to the mayoral election that evening Candidate filing Where there is no opportunity to do so, the deputy mayor will also be elected without contest. As the party leadership prepares to announce the deputy mayoral candidate, the party is on the final list Dindigul To move DMK Secretary Rajappa’s name is featured.