Who are the heads of 6 municipalities of Tiruvallur district? | Who are the heads of 6 municipalities of Tiruvallur district?

Who will be the head of 6 municipalities in Tiruvallur district? That is what political activists and the public are eagerly anticipating.

Thiruthani, Tiruvallur, Tiruverkadu, Poonamallee, Thiruninravur and Ponneri in Tiruvallur district. Municipalities There are. Of these, Thiruninravur and Ponneri have only recently been upgraded from municipalities to municipalities.

In this context, the DMK has won more ward member posts in all the 6 municipalities of the district in the recently concluded urban local elections.

Of these, in 21 wards of Thiruthani municipality, the DMK candidate for the 18th ward, Tiruvallur Saraswati, the wife of Bhupathi, the DMK chief in the western district, was elected unopposed. Out of the remaining 20 wards, DMK won 17 wards and AIADMK won two wards. The Independent won a ward.

The post of mayor is reserved for women in the public sector. Therefore, 9 DMK women candidates who have won in Thiruthani municipality are eligible for the post. However, Saraswati, who was elected unopposed, is said to be the most likely candidate for the mayoral post.

In 27 wards Tiruvallur In the municipality, DMK has won in 14 wards, Congress in one ward, AIADMK in 3 wards and BJP in one ward. The Independents have won in 8 wards. In this case, Tiruvallur The post of head of the municipality has been allotted to the Adithravidar women’s wing.

Thus, among the DMK candidates who won to get the post, there is a contest between Adithravidar women V. Vasanthi, P. Udayamalar, K. Shanthi, P. Indira and M. Kamali who won in wards 1, 2, 8,16, 21. Of these, DMK volunteers are said to have a chance to get one of the 21st ward winning graduate girl Kamali and the 8th ward winning Co. Shanthi.

Similarly, the DMK has won 11 of the 18 wards in Thiruverkadu municipality and the Congress has won one ward while the Independents have won in 6 wards. Of these, DMK’s Thiruverkadu city secretary A. Krishnamurthy, who won the 8th ward, is said to be the most likely mayor.

Also, in Poonamallee municipality, which has 21 wards, the DMK has won in 12 wards, the Congress in one ward and the AIADMK in two wards. The Independents have won in 6 wards. It is said that Malathi, the wife of Poonamallee city DMK secretary Ravi Kumar, who won the post of chairman of the corporation in the 17th ward, is likely to get it.

Similarly, Usha Rani, wife of Thiruninravur city DMK secretary DY Ravi, who won the first ward of the newly formed Thiruninravur mayoral post, won the post of mayor of Ponneri in the 15th ward. According to DMK sources, Dr. Parimalam is also likely to be available.