When is the non-reserved compartment connection on Southern Express trains? | When is the non-reserved compartment connection on Southern Express trains?

Corona damage is reduced, as in Southern Express trains Booking The question has arisen among the passengers as to when the missing boxes will be reconnected and operated.

Most of the express trains are being re-run as the corona impact in the country is declining. As such, as per the requirement of the passengers Booking Non-existent trains are being operated as per the instructions of the Railway Board. Similarly, Booking Non-existent trains, on express trains Booking The Railway Board has directed the Railway Zones to operate with non-existent boxes.

Accordingly, in the respective railway zones Booking Non-running trains, Booking Steps are being taken such as attaching non-existent boxes. However, on most express trains on the Southern Railway Booking Missing boxes are not yet connected. Especially on express trains from Chennai to the southern districts Booking Passengers suffer because the missing boxes are not attached.

Commenting on this, some travelers said, “The number of people going to the countryside has increased as the incidence of corona has decreased. Express trains have also been launched. But, on the Southern Express trains Booking Missing boxes are not yet enabled. Thus, passengers traveling at the last minute suffer. So, as soon as possible considering the need of the passengers Booking Southern Railway should take appropriate action to connect the missing boxes, ”they said.

When asked about this, the railway officials said, “On all express trains Booking Train boxes that are not present Booking Made boxes are operated. Already, tickets for 3 months Booking Having done so, there is an environment that cannot be canceled immediately. Gradually, however, on express trains Booking We are taking steps to connect the missing boxes. “