Seizure of synthetic pigment powders in restaurants in Paparapatti area | pigment powders in restaurants


Food safety officers inspected restaurants in the Paparapatti area. Then, products and synthetic pigment powders that did not have product and expiration dates were confiscated and destroyed.

On the orders of Dr. Banu Sujatha, District Designated Officer, Dharmapuri District Food Safety Department, officers led by Pennagaram Union Food Safety Officer (PO) Nandagopal inspected restaurants in Paparapatti, Velampatti and Pallipatti.

At that time, they confiscated and destroyed synthetic pigment powders and spice packets with the appropriate address, product and expiration date. Also, drinking water cans and drinking bottles were removed as they were not dated. Similarly chronic old oil was confiscated and destroyed.

‘Employees working in restaurants should wear appropriate armor, headgear, gloves, and face mask, along with her cleaning care. In particular 2 installments of corona vaccine should be given. Chronic meats should not be used. Cooked food and meat should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Do not overheat cooking oil more than once. The remaining cooking oil can be delivered to agents authorized by the Department of Food Safety to obtain the appropriate amount. Awareness has been created in all restaurants in this regard, ‘said food safety officials.