Puducherry police talk about female tourists’ clothes: viral video | viral video




Related to the talk about female Pondicherry police dress to female tourists Video Is going viral on social websites.

Puducherry is visited by thousands of tourists daily. They will wear T-shirts, shorts and jeans to suit the climate of Pondicherry.

In this situation, the day before yesterday evening, the police stopped the female tourists who were walking on the road near the Aravind Ashram and talked to them about the dress code. Video Is going viral on social websites.

In it, he asks the police, who tell him not to wear clothes like this, “Who reported you to our dress?” The girls ask. The video ends with the cops choking on not being able to respond properly to it.

When asked about this, the superintendent of the supermarket in the video said, “During the patrol, a member of the Ashram was half-dressed at the school premises. He said to reprimand them. So we sent advice to the girls. ”