Police acting like slaves to DMK: SB Velumani speaks at the protest

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File: & quot;The police, who are paid in people’s taxes, act like slaves to the DMK& quot; Korada and MLA SB Velumani criticized the AIADMK legislators.

The AIADMK today (Feb. 28) staged a protest near the Coimbatore South Governor’s Office condemning the arrest of former minister T. Jayakumar and urging him to expedite the completion of various projects including roads, bridges, drinking water works and smart city projects brought by the AIADMK government. To this, the presiding SB Velumani spoke: & quot; Jayakumar caught a rowdy in 12 cases when he came to drive illegally. He spoke clearly and boldly in the media about the anti-people actions of the government. Therefore, he has been imprisoned on false charges with the intention of disabling him.