India should co-operate to form a strong plastic disposal agreement: Anbumani | India must co-operate to form a strong plastic disposal agreement: Anbumani

Chennai: Strong Elimination of plastic Form the contract India That should cooperate PMK. Youth leader Anbumani Ramadas Insisted.

In a statement issued today, he said, “With various agendas including launching talks for the elimination of plastic pollution UN Environment Council (United Nations Environment Assembly) Conference Kenya Starts today in Nairobi, the capital of the country. To the position of other countries that the elimination of plastics should be legalized India The protest is disappointing; This is against the interests of the world.

The conference will be held in Nairobi for a total of 5 days until March 4th India About 2,000 people, including environment ministers, government representatives and welfare organizations from 193 countries, are expected to attend. 1972 Stockholm The conference also marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment Program). In this meeting Plastic contract Related talks are about to begin.

Plastic pollution is a menace. Plastic pollution causes numerous damages such as environmental damage, water loss, urban flooding, agricultural damage, biodiversity loss, marine destruction, bird extinction, and climate change. Plastic pollution It joins the human food chain and causes water and air pollution, causing a variety of health problems. To put an end to this, the UN is committed to preventing plastic pollution at all levels, from the production of plastics to the pollution of marine resources, and to legally controlling all countries. Plastic contract Environmentalists expect that to be the case.

In such an environment Plastic contract Three types of drafts are presented at this conference as to how they should be. The draft prepared by Rwanda and Peru is complete and controls the rest of the world. The draft is supported by 70 countries. The second draft prepared by Japan only considers the control of plastic waste entering the sea without considering all levels of plastic waste. This draft has the support of only Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Palau. India There is no need to legalize the control of plastic waste in the third draft filed on behalf of; The idea has been suggested that only countries that want to can do it. No country supports this.

However, all three drafts will be examined at the Nairobi Conference. Subsequently, an international government panel will be set up to look into the matter and discuss it with various countries. In 2024 after two years of debate Plastic contract The UN says it will come into force. The organization said.

The world has produced 900 billion tons of plastic in the last 70 years. 700 crore tonnes of them have been dumped in land and water. The remaining plastic is burned in the fire and turned into deadly poisonous gas. Only 9 percent of the plastic produced worldwide is recycled. Annual plastic production has increased from 20 lakh tonnes in 1950 to 37 crore tonnes in 2020. This will increase to 100 crore tonnes by 2050. Then the weight of the plastic waste will be more than the weight of the fish in the sea. If such a situation occurs it will be catastrophic for the entire marine resources. With the necessary features to control it Plastic contract What is created will only benefit the world.

If this goal is to be achieved, the UN Creating Plastic contract The nations of the world must be governed by law; Plastic waste should be prevented at all levels; International technical and financial assistance should be provided to implement the agreement. Only then can plastic waste save the world from disaster. For this, the draft of Rwanda-Peru would be appropriate and useful.

Therefore, the Government of India should withdraw the draft which is of no use to anyone and express full support for the Rwanda & Peru Agreement. All those concerned with the protection of the environment and the welfare of the people should put pressure on the Central Government for this. The Tamil Nadu government should take the same stand and strongly urge the Central government. ” Anbumani Ramadas has told.