Deposit for plastic bottles taken by devotees to Velliangiri Hill? – Forestry Review | Deposit for plastic bottles taken by devotees to Velliangiri Hill?


Coimbatore: Thousands flock to Velliangiri Hills under the Poluvampatti Wildlife Sanctuary during Maha Shivaratri. Devotees Going is customary. For this Devotees Foresters are allowed to go through the mountain pass.

முள்ளாங்காடு Forest Department Through the check post, go to the Boondi Temple at the foot of the hill and from there take about 6 km along the hill path Devotees Walk upstairs. On the way, many people throw away the plastic drinking bottles, biscuits and lids they carry.

Thus, waste accumulates throughout the hillside. Last year alone, the forest department removed about 7 tonnes of waste from the hills. Thus waste disposal is a major challenge for foresters.

The forest department said it was working with foresters, local environmentalists and volunteers to regulate trekking and prevent the carrying of plastic bags and flammable materials. Arrangements have been made to set up barricades at the entrance at the base, one after the other.

Eco-conservation funds are raised from devotees to pay for environmental guards who carry out such tasks, to provide food for all and to clean up the waste left on the trekking route, and for wildlife conservation work. It is not mandatory. Devotees Can be provided if desired. These funds are duly credited to the bank account of the Forest Development Agency. Coming to Velliangiri hill Devotees Do not carry plastic bags, flammable materials, cigarettes, beedi, alcohol etc. Do not leave garbage in the forest. The Velliangiri Hill Trail is steep in many places and can only be visited by healthy people. ”

In this connection, ecological activists say, “Velliangiri mountain climb Devotees A deposit of Rs. 20 per plastic drinking bottle is required. Stickers should be pasted on plastic bottles as a sign of receipt of money. Deposit showing the bottle with the sticker on it after the descent and descent Devotees Can be withdrawn. Implementing this plan will avoid throwing plastic drinking bottles on the mountain as it is. Waste stagnation will be reduced and the environment will be protected. ”

Coimbatore Regional Chief Forest Officer Ramasubramanian said, “Action will be taken to implement a scheme in Velliangiri to receive a deposit for a bottle of drinking water and return it after the bottle is returned.”