Care of 3 children abandoned by parents at Hosur Government Hospital | Care of 3 children abandoned by parents at Hosur Government Hospital

Medical team is caring for 3 infants abandoned by their parents at Hosur Government Hospital. In this, a child was handed over to the Mathigiri Government Archive.

Chief Physician of Hosur Government Hospital Bhupathi said:

The parents of two boys weighing 2.6 kg and 2 kg who were born 15 days ago at Hosur Government Hospital were abandoned.

Of these, one boy had a bowel valve contraction problem. Parents who do not accept the guarantee that the intestinal valve contraction can be surgically corrected at no cost to the government hospital have left the child in the hospital.

We treated both babies in the hospital, got breast milk from the mothers and gave it to the babies and saved them. Similarly, we are caring for a baby girl weighing 500 grams who was rescued from Ramnayakan Lake 5 months ago in the emergency department and being breastfed by her mother. Currently, the baby is well with a weight of one and a half kilos.

The children, who were abandoned by their parents, are being cared for and cared for by a medical team comprising Sakthivel, Ashok, Rajasekar, Vijayan and nurses C. Rajeswari, Nadia and P. Rajeswari.

In this, we have handed over a baby boy to Livingston, Director, Mathigiri Government Child Care Center and Tilakwati, a social worker at the orphanage.

Thus he said.