107% increase in deaths due to two wheeler accidents in Tamil Nadu: 14,912 deaths in road accidents in 2021 | road accident

Of the 55,713 road accidents in Tamil Nadu in 2021, 14,912 were fatal. This is an increase of 6,852 over the previous year. Motorcycle accident Mortality increased by 107 percent,

The Government of Tamil Nadu is working with various departments including Transport, Police and Health to reduce road accidents and deaths in Tamil Nadu. Thus, the death toll has been steadily declining over the past 5 years.

In particular, the death toll has dropped from 17 thousand 218 in 2016 to 8 thousand 60 in 2020. That is, 54 per cent lower than the target of 50 per cent, which was the record of the State of Tamil Nadu. This situation has now changed. The death toll in road accidents has increased again in Tamil Nadu after the last 5 years.

14,912 deaths in 2021

In this connection, according to the statistics of the Government of Tamil Nadu, a total of 14 thousand 912 people died in 55 thousand 713 road accidents in Tamil Nadu last year. This is an increase of 85% over the previous year.

6,223 people have died in two-wheeler accidents alone. 2,467 people were killed in truck accidents, 2,467 in car and taxi accidents, and 1,140 in vans and small lorries. Similarly, 4,129 people were killed in national highway accidents and 4,929 in state highway accidents.

Why rose again?

In this connection, the officials of the Tamil Nadu Transport Department said:

To reduce road accidents and deaths in Tamil Nadu, we are taking steps to improve structures through road safety funds, create road safety awareness and revoke the driving licenses of violators.

However, the incidence of accidents has also increased when re-operating vehicles that had not been operated for a long time during the corona control period. Also, people are increasingly using their own vehicles due to the corona fear. As a result, most of the deaths are due to inadequate training and driving without following the rules of the road.

Road accidents and fatalities have been declining for the last 5 years and the increase in accidents and fatalities has caused concern. Therefore, we will study the road accidents in each district to control accidents and deaths and formulate and implement new plans to reduce accidents in that area.

Thus they said.

107 percent increase

In 2020, only 2,997 people were killed in two-wheeler accidents. By 2021, 6,223 people will have died. Of these, 2,410 died as a result of not wearing a helmet. Total casualties increased by 107 percent compared to 2020.

The exclusive path must be set

In this connection, an assistant professor at IIT Chennai said, “We need to identify the cause of the recurrence of road accidents and casualties in Tamil Nadu and devise new plans. In particular, special lanes should be provided for buses and two-wheelers on the roads. The continued implementation of the road safety system should not be neglected. We need to intensify the imposition of fines on violators of road rules, along with road infrastructure improvement works at road accident sites. We need to set a new goal every year to reduce road accidents. ”