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Ram Namavi 2022, Ramcharitmanas Special Chaupai: On 10 April 2022, Tuhar of Ram Navami will be celebrated across the country. Lord Rama is specially worshiped on this day. It is believed that reciting Ramcharitmanas on the day of Ram Navami fulfills all the wishes. At the same time, it is also mentioned in the scriptures that those who are unable to recite the entire Ramcharitmanas due to some reason, if they read these few chaupais of Manas on the day of Ram Navami, then they get the same result as the entire mind. Apart from this, not only are many secrets of Ramayana hidden in these chaupais of Ramcharitmanas, but by continuous recitation of these chaupais, one also gets miraculous boons from Lord Shri Ram.

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Many wishes are fulfilled by reciting Ramcharit Manas on the holy day of Ramnavami. Along with this, by reciting the holy book Ramcharitmanas, freedom from the sins of birth after birth, fear, disease etc. The chaupais of Ramcharitmanas are so effective that a person who wishes for wealth gets wealth by merely reciting it. By the way, it is said that by reciting the entire Ramcharit Manas a day before Ramnavami, all kinds of wishes are fulfilled. To get rid of your problems, only by reciting these chaupai of Ramcharit Manas gives auspicious results.

Importance of the text of Ramcharitmanas
In the Ramcharitmanas, the praise and account of Lord Shri Ram has been said. There is no dearth of any kind in the house where Ramcharitmanas is kept with respect and worshipped. The chanting of Ram’s name in Ramnavami is considered very beneficial and miraculous. Mental peace is attained by reciting Ramcharitmanas regularly. It is said that in the house where Ramcharitmanas is kept, the grace of Lord Shri Ram always remains there. Every chaupai of Ramcharitmanas benefits you in some way or the other. The chaupai of Ramcharitmanas gives equal results to the chanting of many mantras. Ramcharitmanas tells us the right way to live life.

Rules for reciting Ramcharitmanas
Before reciting Ramcharit Manas, install the statue of Lord Rama by laying beautiful clothes on the post.
First of all invoke Hanuman ji and invite him to Ram Katha. It is believed that before the worship of Lord Rama, the invocation of Hanuman ji is mandatory. So that the right result of worship can be obtained.

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After invoking Hanuman ji, start the recitation of Ramcharitmanas while invoking Shri Ganapati.
– Read Ramcharit Manas regularly as far as you can, then pause and do the aarti of Ramayana ji.
Ramcharit Manas should be recited daily with pure body and mind. By doing this one gets freedom from all sins.

Chaupaiyan of Ramcharit Manas
– to acquire property
‘Je sakam nar sunahin je village.
Happiness and wealth are available in many ways.

– For fulfillment of wishes and removal of all obstacles
‘Kavan so kaj hard jag mahi.
If you are not there, you are there.

– to earn or increase livelihood
Joi by feeding Biswa.
Takar name Bharat Ashoi.

– to destroy the enemy
Don’t bauru kahu sun someone.
Rampratap lost the contrast.

– To get rid of fear and doubt
Beautiful story of Ram.
Doubt is big udv nihari.

– to fear in an unknown place
Mambhirakshay Raghukul Nayak.
Dhritwar arc interesting.

To seek refuge of Lord Rama
Listen to the words of the Lord Harsha Hanumana.
Sarnagat Bachhal Bhagwan.

– to destroy calamity
Rajeev Nayan holds Dhanu Sayak.
Bhagat Bipati Bhanjan is soothing.

– For the peace of disease and troubles
Somatic divine physical temperature.
Ram Raj Nahi Kahuhin Bipa.

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