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Planets Effects On Your Child Health and Career: According to astrology, planets have a profound effect not only on elders but also on children. Some planets have been told in the scriptures, which especially work to strengthen health and career. In such a situation, these planets have a profound effect on the health and education of your children. It is the wish of every parent that their children are healthy and healthy. Sometimes the inauspiciousness of the planets creates a hindrance in this path, due to which education is affected, as well as health is also affected. Therefore, these planets should not be allowed to weaken under any circumstances.

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When the planets are weak, they give obstacles and troubles
According to astrology, when the planets sitting in the birth chart start giving inauspicious results, then the education of the child gets affected. Sometimes due to the position and conditions of the planets, education gets interrupted or there are chances of stopping it. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to assess the position of the planets sitting in the horoscope once.

The fifth house of the horoscope, gives information about education (kundali 5th house)
In astrology, the fifth house of the birth chart is associated with education. When this house is aspected by the malefic planet, then there are problems in education. Rahu and Ketu are considered as malefic planets. Along with this, even when Saturn and Mars become inauspicious, a person has to face difficulties in education. Therefore, efforts should be made to make these planets auspicious. Sometimes the auspicious planets act to give trouble during the sight and dasha of the cruel and sinful planets.

6th house of horoscope tells disease (kundali 6th house)
According to astrology, the sixth house of the horoscope is considered to be of disease. In this house, when the malefic planets, when they become cruel and are afflicted by the enemy zodiac, they give inauspicious results. In this situation, health suffers. Due to which the progress of the child is adversely affected.

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Make these two planets auspicious (Jupiter-Mercury)
According to astrology, the role of Dev Guru Brihaspati is considered important in the matter of education. Guru is related to knowledge. When the Guru is auspicious, he brings special success to the person in the field of education. Therefore it is considered very important to keep the Guru auspicious. It is because of Guru that a person gets high position and respect. On the other hand, Mercury is also related to intellect. The planet Mercury also increases the memory power. When Mercury is auspicious, a person’s education is free from obstacles.

Worshiping Lord Vishnu removes the inauspiciousness of the planet Jupiter. Ekadashi fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. If there is a continuous obstacle in education, then observing Ekadashi fasting methodically gives benefits. Parents can also observe this fast for the sake of children. Worshiping Lord Ganesha removes the inauspiciousness of Mercury. Worshiping Ganesh ji on Wednesday gives benefits.

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