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Like astrology, numerology is also found out about a person’s life. Astrology can be found out about a person’s life, studies, marriage, everything. You must have heard that high people consider any date very lucky. Similarly every number has its owner. People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of a month have a radix number 3. According to numerology, the lord of this radix is ​​Gurudev Brihaspati. So let’s know the nature of people born in 3 radix.

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The nature of people of Radix 3 –

People of Radix 3 are brave, freedom loving, intelligent and self-confident. They are always ready to face any situation. They are a bit stubborn by nature. Whatever they decide to do, they live by doing it. They do not like anyone’s interference in their life. They want to do everything in their own way.

good day and date

People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month will have a radix number 3. Thursday and Sunday are considered auspicious days for the people of Radix 3. It is said that to get success in any work, people of this radix should use the given date and day.

married life-

According to numerology, the family life of those with radix number 3 remains happy. Good relations with friends. They make a lot with the people of 9th date. However, these people are not very successful in love affairs. They have to face sorrow at every stage.

Auspicious color of radix 3 –

The auspicious colors for Radix 3 are yellow, red and orange. It is said that these colors should be used in their home and office. It is believed that doing so brings success. And luck favors too. Yellow should be worn especially on Thursdays.

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