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Today we are going to tell you about those divine forms of Shivling, whose fruitful powers give all the desired results to the devotees, from the peace of ancestors to the destruction of diseases.

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These forms of Shivling have divine fruitful power, destroy diseases (Photo Credit: Social Media)

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Shivling is a symbolic form of Lord Shankar. Shiva means auspicious and linga means light body. The Shivling represents the universe or the cosmic egg as the universe is in the shape of an egg. Due to which it looks like an oval Shivling. Shivling is made of many metals and things and each type has a different fruit of worship of Shivling. Mahashivratri, the holy festival of Lord Shiva, is about to come on March 1. Today we are going to tell you in detail that what are the fruits obtained by worshiping Shivling made of which metal in this important festival Mahashivratri.

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, Iron Shivling But by doing Abhishek, enemies are destroyed. The person who offers pure water to this type of Shivling every day. Opponents and harmful people cannot come around him.
, Brass Shivling But by doing Abhishek, happiness is attained. Offering a mixture of milk and water to this Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri removes all the troubles in life.
– On the day of Mahashivratri Shivalinga made of bronze But by doing Abhishek one gets success. It gets respect and praise in the society.
– On the day of Mahashivratri to please Shiva Shivling made of copper But by doing Abhishek, long life is attained.
, Shivalinga made of mercury But by doing Abhishek there is an increase in happiness and good fortune. The person who offers water mixed with rice to the Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri, his life gets destroyed.
– Persons who have been suffering from disease for a long time. them pearl lingam But by doing Abhishek, diseases are destroyed.

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, rhinestone shivling But by doing abhishek, all the wishes of a human being are fulfilled.
, Shivling made of topaz But by doing Abhishek, wealth and Lakshmi are attained.
, Sapphire Shivling But by doing Abhishek one gets respect.
– For the salvation of ancestors Silver Shivling But doing Abhishek is beneficial.
, Shivling made of gold But by doing abhishek, one attains heaven.
– any by raking the fruit like a Shivling Worshiping him gives better results in the fruit garden.
, Shiva Linga made of flowers That worship leads to the attainment of a land-building.
– By mixing barley, wheat, rice in equal parts Shivling made of flour By worshiping, happiness and prosperity in the family and benefit of children are protected from diseases.
– If Bamboo shoots like Shivling Worshiping by cutting leads to progeny growth.

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