Lord Vishnu Mantra: Will chant these mantras of Vishnu ji on Thursday, money will rain and all sins will be cut


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Today, Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (thursday vishnu puja). On this day, if there is a Guru Dosh in someone’s horoscope, then there is a law to worship and worship Shri Hari Narayan and Brihaspati Dev on Thursday. By observing fast on this day, all the problems of people’s life are removed. Along with this, there is never any shortage of money in the house. On this day, along with the worship of Lord Vishnu (mantra jaap), it is also auspicious to worship Goddess Lakshmi. According to religious belief, chanting the mantras of Lord Vishnu daily gives auspicious results. It is also believed that by chanting the mantras (vishnu puja mantra) of Lord Vishnu daily, one gets freedom from all troubles and wealth and splendor is attained. So let us tell you about those mantras.

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Sacred Mantras of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu (vishnu ji mantra)

1. Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

2. Om Vishnuve Namah:

3. Om Narayanaya Vidmahe. Vasudevay slow. Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat.

4. Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare.
Hey Nath Narayan Vasudevaya.

5. Om Namo Narayan. Shri Mana Narayan Narayan Hari Hari.

6. Om Hoon Vishnave Namah:

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Mantra for wealth and prosperity (vishnu beej mantra)

Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino, Maa Dabhram Bhurya Bhar. Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsi.
Bhurida tyasi sruta: purutra shur vrathan. Aa no bhajaswa radhasi.

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laxmi vinayak mantra

Dantabhaye Chakra Daro Dadhanam,
Karaggasvarnaghtam Trinetram.
dhritabjaya lingitambdhiputraya
Lakshmi Ganesham Kanakabhameade.

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