Lord Brihaspati Chalisa: Read this Chalisa of Jupiter Dev on Thursday, Yoga will be made for getting wealth and grace will rain


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Thursday is the day of worship of Brihaspati Dev. It is believed that in whose horoscope Jupiter is in exalted position, there is wealth and grain around him. Therefore, remedies for the planet Jupiter are done on Thursday. So that by getting his grace, immense wealth can be obtained. Therefore, on this day, with this Chalisa of Brihaspatidev, the sum of money is formed. By reciting Shri Brihaspati Dev Chalisa lyrics, there is an increase in happiness and good fortune.

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By the grace of Lord Brihaspati, there is attainment of siddhi-intellect, knowledge-discretion (god brihaspati devta chalisa). Due to the influence of Shri Brihaspati Dev Chalisa, a person becomes rich, he progresses. He becomes a participant of all kinds of happiness, he does not suffer. So, let us tell you which chalisa (brihaspati dev chalisa path) should be recited on this day.

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Brihaspati Dev Chalisa

Pranwau First Guru Charan, Wisdom Knowledge Guna Khan
With Shri Ganesh Shard, buses come to the heart
I am ignorant of mind, Guruswami Sujan
I am full of faults, you are graceful.


Jai Narayan Jai Nikhileshwar l world famous Akhil Tantreshwar ll 1 ll

Knowledge of yantra-mantra science l love lover of land of India ll 2 ll

Whenever there was loss of Dharma l Siddhashram read the learned ll 3 ll

You came from Siddhashram, beloved of Satchidananda Guru, 4 ll

High quality sages and sages volunteered l Oi Karan to protect Dharam ll 5 ll

This time it’s your turn.

Marundhar Province Kharantia Grama l Multanchand Father Kar Nama ll 7 ll

Sheshshayi came in a dream. Show darshan to mother ll 8 ll

Rupadevi matu very religious l janam bhayo auspicious twenty one date ll 9 ll

Date of Birth: Worshiping the auspicious seeker l 10 ll of the worshiper

Narrate the birth story Navina l Mantra Narayan Naam Kari Dina ll 11 ll

Naam Narayan bhava fear haari l siddha yogi human body dhari ll 12 ll

The sage is energized by the Brahma element.

14 ll

meditating on samadhi

Complete the world’s customs l Shankar’s household ll 16 ll

The wonderful confluence of Lord Maya is the observation of the law of shadow 17 ll

From era to era, the way of bondage, where Narayan Wahi Bhagwati ll 18 ll

The worldly mind became very guilty then decided to go to the snowgiri ll 19 ll

Traveled the Himalayas for eighteen years.

renunciation atal siddhashram asan lkaram bhoomi aaye narayan ll 21 ll

Dhara Gagan reverberated in Brahman lJai Gurudev Sadhana Capital ll 22 ll

Sarva Dharmahit camp leader

The heart is the vast storehouse of scriptures l the physical light of India ll 24 ll

The author of one hundred fifty six texts l direct seeker world winner ll 25 ll

Dear Writer Dear Esoteric Spokesperson l You are the creator of the future ll 26 ll

The ocean of ayurveda astrology l the God containing the sixteen arts ll 27 ll

Ratan connoisseur Vighan Haranta l Sanyasi Ananyatam Santa ll 28 ll

Showed amazing miracles l made Shivalinga of Parad ll 29 ll

veda puran scripture all sing lpareshwar rare ll 30 ll

31 ll

All four Vedas are in the throat, dear to the venerable people ll 32 ll

When chanting mantras ll call Vishwamitra Vashistha ll 33 ll

Mantra Namo Narayan Sancha ldhyanat bhagat ghost vampire ll 34 ll

Tomorrow morning karhi nikhilayan lman happy always stunning body ll 35 ll

With a pure mind, whatever you seek

path karhi nit jo chalisa l peace karhi yogisa ll 37 ll

Those who recite Ashtottara Shatta, which lsarv siddhiya pawat jan so ll 38 ll

Shri Guru Charan’s Section l Siddhashram Sadhak Parivar ll 39 ll

lord of jay-jay-jay bliss

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