know the significance and lyrics of vishnu chalisa dharm latest news Lord Vishnu’s mantra is more powerful and miraculous than his divine recitation, from the birth of a child to the attainment of wealth, fulfill every wish.

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According to Hindu belief, Lord Vishnu is one of the trinity. Vishnu ji is said to be the director of the universe. According to the belief, only Shri Hari Vishnu ji maintains the world. Lord Vishnu is considered to be the ocean of mercy and love. Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi. Vishnu ji resides in Kshirsagar with Goddess Lakshmi. On worshiping with a sincere heart, he fulfills all the wishes of the person. His bed is Sheshnag, on whose hood this world rests. He maintains special grace on his devotees and provides them with auspicious results. In such a situation, the highest way to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu is Vishnu Chalisa. By reciting Vishnu Chalisa continuously, one gets boons like child, wealth, respect and increase in knowledge.

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Listen to Vishnu’s chitlay of Vinay Sevak.
Let me describe the Kirat and tell me the knowledge.

Namo Vishnu Lord Kharari, troubled Nashavan Akhil Bihari.
Your power in the mighty world, Tribhuvan’s spreading light.

Beautiful appearance, beautiful appearance, simple nature, Mohini Murat.
Pitambar is very much asleep on the body, Baijanti garland is fascinated by the mind.

Wearing the conch-wheel, the mace is seated, seeing the demons drive away the demons.
Don’t get greedy in truth religion, don’t get greedy in sex anger.

Saint Bhakt Sajjan Manranjan, Danuj Asura Roshan Dal Ganjan.
All the troubles are created by the happiness, the people gentleman who removes the faults.

May sins be cut off, Indus can be removed, devotees can be saved by destroying suffering.
Lord assumes many forms, only because of your devotion.

Became Dharani Dhenu you called, then you form the stream of Rama.
Unloading the load killed the Asura party, Ravana saved Adik.

You created the form of Varaha, killed Haranyaksha.
Dhar made Matsya Tan Sindhu, took out fourteen Ratanans.

Amilakh Asuran created a conflict, you showed Roop Mohani.
Made Devan drink nectar, Seduced Asuran from the image.

Indus masquerading as Kurma form, Chandrachal Giri immediately lifted.
You freed the trap of Shankar, showed the form to Bhasmasura.

When the demons drowned the Veda, the tax management got them found.
Became Mohit, he made a mess and got consumed with the same tax.

He fought against the demon Jalandhar Ati Baladai, Shankar.
Shiva became gross after defeat, why did Sati get deceived?

Sumiran Keen to you Shivrani, told all the sad story.
Then you became the wise man, forgetting all the beauty of Vrinda.

Seeing three demonic demons, Vrinda aaye to lap you.
Ho Sparsh Dharma considered damage, Hanna Asura ur Shiva Satanic.

You rescued Dhruva Prahlad, killed Hiranakush etc.
The courtesan and the Ajamila stars, may the many devotees descend into the Sindhu.

Harahu gross anguish for us, please Hari Creator is defeated.
I see that my dear ones are beneficial to you, dear brothers and sisters.

Wishing your servant Darshan, Karhu mercy to my Madhusudan.
I don’t know when worship, hoy yagya praise approval.

Sildaya Santosh Sulakshana, not known, fasting is unique.
What method should I worship, my love would be lost, the sorrow was terrible.

I do my salutation, which method I do, in what way do I surrender.
The sura sage always did the service, remained joyful and attained the ultimate speed.

Always benevolent on the poor and downtrodden, I have adopted my own life.
Intoxicates sin, guilt, anguish, liberate yourself from the bondage of material life.

Give pure wealth, produce happiness, make you a slave of your pasture.
Corporation always listens to this humility, read it and listen to it so that people can get happiness.

, Doha..
The devotee should reside in the heart and complete the work.
The conch shell and the mace are Padma O Vishnu Maharaj.

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