Holi 2022 Vastu Tips: Happiness will come in the house on Holi, with the help of these Vastu tips, every problem will be overcome

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The festival of Holi (holi 2022) is coming. It is celebrated with great joy and gaiety. Coloring and hugging each other signifies love and harmony. Holi, the festival of colors, has great importance in Hinduism. Holi is considered as Siddhi Ratri in which the measures taken work to remove negativity. In such a situation, you can take the help of Vastu and Astrology on the day of Holi for the prosperity of the house. Today, on this occasion, we are going to tell you some remedies, with the help of which you can get rid of all your troubles (holi shubh yog 2022).

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what color do you wear

Do not use dark colored clothes to play Holi. Wearing white colored clothes on the day of Holi is considered auspicious as it symbolizes the moon. White colored clothes bring humility and tolerance (holi puja 2022) in you.

quick marriage tips
On the morning of Holi, offer whole betel nut and turmeric lumps on a whole betel leaf on the Shivling and come to your home without turning back. You must do the same thing the next day also. With this, soon the sum of your marriage (holi date 2022) can be made.

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Follow these steps for success in business
If someone suffers more loss in business. So, on the day of Holika Dahan, take seven rounds of Holi in reverse. After this throw seven pieces of Aak root in Holi. You have to do this when there is no fire in Holika. Throw the pieces of Aak in such a way that not a single piece goes outside Holi. By doing this, the obstacles coming from the government officials in your work (vastu tips on holi for good luck) get removed.

If money does not stay in the house then do these measures
On the night of Holi, only after the moon rises, on the roof of your house or in an open place from where the moon is visible. Stand there. Then, remembering the moon, place dry dates and some makhanas in a silver plate and offer incense and incense sticks with a lamp of pure ghee. Afterwards, offer Arghya to the moon with milk. After Arghya, offer white sweets and saffron mixed sabudana kheer. Request the moon to provide prosperity. Later distribute the Prasad and Makhanas among the children. Then offer milk to the moon on every consecutive full moon night. Within a few days you will feel that prosperity is increasing continuously after removing the financial crisis.

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Choose the right direction for worship
According to Vastu, worshiping in the south-east direction on the day of Holi is considered very auspicious. If you are worshiping Holi at home, instead of doing it in the place of worship (today rashifal), do it in an open courtyard. After Holika Dahan, circumambulate the fire. This destroys the negative energy in the house.

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