Holi 2022: Do these measures on Holi, get rid of financial and mental problems


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Today’s people are struggling with the most mental problems. Which doesn’t seem to have a solution. But, according to Vastu and Astrological belief, Holi, the festival of colors, is a day on which measures taken to deal with financial, mental and physical sufferings (holika dahan upay 2022) provide benefits very quickly. In such a situation, by trying these measures on Holi, you can come out of all kinds of problems (holi 2022 date).

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Many times negative energy gets inhabited in the house. Due to which there is constant discord in the house. To overcome this problem, you should bring a little fire of Holi to your house and keep it in a copper or earthen vessel in the igneous angle of your house by rotating it throughout the house. Gradually, the discord will end and an atmosphere of harmony will start to form.

Many people are scared at night, have nightmares, so on the day of Holi (holika dahan 2022) take a jute coconut, black sesame and yellow mustard together and take it seven times over your head and put it in the burning Holika. By this your problem will go away.

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By putting linseed, wheat, peas and gram in the fire at the time of Holika Dahan, one gets rid of financial crisis (holashtak 2022).

If you are facing frequent losses in business, on the day of Holi, sprinkle Gulal on the main door of your business place and light a four-faced lamp on it. While lighting the lamp, pray to Goddess Lakshmi to avoid loss of money. You will benefit a lot by doing this.

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If you are constantly sick and even after taking medicines, the disease does not leave, then take a dry ball, add linseed oil, black sesame and a little jaggery and put this ball in the burning Holika. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

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