astrology tips for money a piece of silver in your pocket can change your life and fulfill it with vast amount of money dharm latest news It is also unmatched in keeping money till

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Like gems, metals also give auspicious and inauspicious effects. As soon as wearing them or taking measures related to them, results are seen very soon. The remedies and tricks related to metals like gold, silver, copper, brass, iron etc. have been told in many books and by many astrologers. At the same time, a metallic silver is also a thing of great benefit. A trick of a square piece of silver gives amazing results. Along with this, the obstacles of job-business are also removed. Not only this, keeping it in the pocket not only helps in inflow of money but also helps in keeping the money for a long time.

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By keeping a square piece of silver in the pocket, the defects of karma are eliminated and the person starts getting the auspicious results of his deeds.

Silver is related to the planet Venus and Venus is the factor of all material happiness, prosperity, romance. In such a situation, as soon as a piece of silver is kept, the planet Venus starts giving auspicious results and happiness and money increases in the life of the person.

Keeping a square piece of silver also strengthens the moon in the horoscope. This strengthens the mental power, the person is able to take the right decision at the right time.

Silver increases wealth. This removes all the obstacles in business. The employed people also get faster progress by keeping a square piece of silver in their pocket.

Keeping a square piece of silver in the vault gives the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The inflow of money increases in the house.

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