Wearing Emerald in this way ends all sorrows according to gems scriptures – Wearing Emerald gemstone is very helpful panna pahnne se saare dukh khatam hote hai

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  • This gemstone proves to be very beneficial for the people of Gemini and Virgo.
  • Those people who are associated with the media world can also wear the emerald.

According to the Ratna Shastras, progress can be made in the life of any person by increasing the auspicious effects of the gem planets. In gemology, emerald is considered to be the representative gem of the planet Mercury. It is called Merkat in Sanskrit, Panna in Hindi, Panchu in Marathi, Pana in Bengali and Emerald in English. This gem is considered very fruitful for the students. It is said that due to its effect, the intellect becomes sharp and memory power increases. Along with this, this gem is considered very beneficial for any traders. Because in astrology, Mercury is said to be the giver of business. Know when, who and how should wear the emerald gemstone.

It is said that by wearing this gemstone, there is progress in business. Along with this, this gem is also considered auspicious for children who do not feel like studying or who forget everything quickly. People who have eye diseases can also wear emerald. Along with this, people who are not parrot or their pronunciation is not correct, such people can also wear emerald. Those people who are associated with the media world can also wear the emerald.

Emerald makes the mind sharp and speech sharp, know who to wear and who does not

According to gem astrology, this gem proves to be very beneficial for the people of Gemini and Virgo. Because the lord of these signs is considered to be the planet Mercury. However, wear it only after consulting an astrologer. Apart from this, people of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can also wear emerald. But the people of Aries, Cancer and Scorpio should not wear emerald at all. This gemstone can be worn even if Mercury is placed positively in the 6th, 8th, 12th house in the birth ascendant in a person’s horoscope. If Mercury is debilitated in the horoscope, then this gem should not be worn.

According to gem astrology, the emerald should be made in silver or gold ring and worn on the smallest finger of the hand. However, wearing it in gold is considered most auspicious. It should be at least 7 and a half carats. If you are wearing an emerald, then wearing it on Wednesday is more auspicious, and it should be worn from sunrise to about 10 in the morning. Before wearing the emerald, keep it immersed in a solution of Ganges water, honey, sugar candy and milk a night before Wednesday. After that, on Wednesday morning, take it out and show incense lamp and wear it after chanting the mantra Om Bu Budhay Namah 108 times.

If it is not possible to wear emerald, then wear money stone or Peridot gem, luck will change with the auspicious results of Mercury.