Water dripping from tap is inauspicious, to stop this leakage, follow these simple great tips – Water dripping tips follow these simple way to stop water leakage


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water leakage


  • There can be many reasons for water leaking from the tap.
  • Sometimes water gets accumulated inside the tap due to which the tap gets blocked.

It usually happens that while cleaning the tap in the house, they move from their place and then water starts dripping from the tap. However, there can be many other reasons for water leaking from the tap. Many times it happens that water or something similar gets deposited inside the tap, due to which the tap gets blocked and starts leaking. In such a situation, many people get troubled by this problem and call a plumber and then the plumber charges a lot of money to fix it. If you are also troubled by this problem, then now there is no need to worry nor call a plumber because today we will tell you some easy tips, with the help of which you can fix the leakage of your tap at home. Let’s know the easy way to stop the leakage of the tap installed in the house.

check first

Before ever fixing the tap, check how the water is leaking from the tap. This is because there can be two reasons for water leaking from the tap, first that your tap is broken or secondly that the faucet joint has become loose. In such a situation, if it is found that the tap is broken, then you will have to replace the tap.

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just use thread

It may sound a bit strange to you, but yes it is true that you can use thread to fix the tap. For this, first check if your faucet is leaking from between the pipe and the faucet? If this is happening then it means the tap has become loose. To make it tight, you can wrap the thread in the bangles of the tap. Before doing this, turn off the water supply from above. After this, take out the tap and start wrapping the thread on its bangles. Wrap it in such a way that it can easily go into the hole. After doing this your faucet will not leak.

Tighten the faucet handle

If water is still dripping from the tap even after closing it properly, then the bangles of the faucet handle may have become loose. In such a situation, you tighten the handle of the tap with the help of something. Apart from this, if you want, you can also change its nut by opening the handle.

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use waterproof tape

If there is not much water dripping from your tap, then you can use waterproof tape. You can easily find this tape anywhere. To use it, first dry the area from where the water is leaking. After that cover the entire part with the help of tape. By doing this the tap will not leak and your money will not be spent too much.

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