Vastu Tips: Benefits of Ashtagandha in Navratri know how to use it Vastu Tips: Ashtagandha has special importance in Navratri, know how to use it

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Vastu Tips: Today’s discussion in Vastu Shastra is about the Ashtagandha of the gods and the fingers to apply them. Keep in mind that Ashtagandha is a special type of chemical and when applied, generates a special attitude which affects our thoughts-bioclock and collective clock of the house i.e. Vastu and which power our ancestors recognized in the fingers of the hands, its present. The form can be understood as Reiki, Aura and Pranic Holing.

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Note the Goddess Gandhashtak – sandalwood, agar, camphor, glandular saffron, gorochan, jatamasi and myrrh. At the same time, with the ring finger, the gods and sages should be done with the index finger, and the middle finger itself should be Gandhanulevaan.

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