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India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Today the eyes of the whole world are towards India. The world is watching India at a turning point in history. Friday marked the 38th day of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi. Modi told Lavrov that India was ready for any contribution in the efforts to establish peace between Russia and Ukraine. Lavrov had brought a special message for Modi from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Russia wants India to mediate in the Ukraine crisis, the US wants India to stay away from Russia and join the Western bloc opposing Putin. Britain also wants that India should stand with the European countries which are opposing the invasion of Russia. China also wants peace with India. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had suddenly arrived in Delhi. On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is facing a major political crisis in Pakistan, is also repeatedly praising India’s independent foreign policy and wants that his country should not come under any external pressure like India.

Russia’s Foreign Minister said in Delhi, ‘India has its own independent foreign policy and it is truly independent and putting its interests above all…If India wants to buy anything from Russia, then we will discuss it. are ready.

Lavrov’s remarks came in the wake of controversial remarks made by US Deputy National Security Adviser Dalip Singh about India, Russia and China.

American Deputy NSA Dalip Singh tried to show India an eye. Dalip Singh has been appointed by the Biden administration to enforce international sanctions against Russia. After meeting India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Dalip Singh told reporters in Delhi, “The more China takes advantage of Russia, the less favorable it will be for India.” I don’t think anyone will believe that if China once again violates the Line of Actual Control, Russia will rush to India’s defense. In diplomatic circles, such remarks are seen as veiled threats.

India gave a clear message to the US in this regard on Friday, when External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met Lavrov and after this meeting Lavrov met PM Modi. Nothing could have been a more clear indication in diplomatic language and tone. Without saying anything, India gave a strong message to America in the language of diplomacy. India’s message was – as far as foreign policy is concerned, we cannot be intimidated. In the words of PM Modi – ‘India will neither talk to anyone with its eyes closed, nor will it talk with its eyes closed, India will talk with its eyes in the eyes’.

America is trying to show India the fear that like Russia encroached on Ukraine’s border, in the same way China can encroach on India’s border. But America forgot that India is not Ukraine. China also understands this and America should also understand this. The vision of Prime Minister Modi is clear, the intention is clear and the policy is also clear. We will do what is in India’s advantage. He will neither put pressure on anyone nor will he come under anyone’s pressure.

America’s deputy NSA probably thought that India would be scared of such a threat and would withdraw from its friendship with Russia. But nothing like this happened. On the oil deal with India, the foreign minister of Russia said- ‘We will be ready to supply to India any kind of goods that India wants to buy.. I have no doubt that by imposing illegal and unilateral sanctions, the West will Some way will be found to remove the artificial barriers created by him.

India is the third largest oil importer and consumer country in the world. Ever since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, India has been buying oil from Russia at a discount through spot tenders. Since that time till now, India has bought 13 million barrels of Russian oil with huge discounts. Compare, in the entire period of the year 2021, India had purchased a total of 16 million barrels of oil from Russia.

Other countries cannot buy oil from Russia due to sanctions imposed by the US and Western countries against Russia. A senior US administration official had recently said that India can find itself at risk only if there is a significant increase in oil purchases from Russia… America has no objection to India buying oil from Russia Provided that he does not increase his purchases much in comparison to the previous years.”

Russia wants to increase its bilateral trade with India due to sanctions from US and Western countries. Lavrov said on Friday that India and Russia are now talking about trading in ruble and rupee to bypass Western sanctions. He said that ruble-rupee trade with India started years ago and now efforts will be intensified to circumvent the payment system of the West.

Overall, in a nutshell, India will pursue its foreign policy keeping its national interests first. Intimidation or intimidation by outside forces is going to have no effect. On its part, India has told Russia that measures should be taken to end the war in Ukraine and restore peace at the earliest. At the same time, Lavrov said- ‘India is an important country and he is very sure that India can play a fair and just role in resolving Russia’s dispute with Ukraine. India has taken a just and rational approach to international problems and can support such a (peace) process. (Rajat Sharma)

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