Keep an earthen pot in this direction in your house, luck will wake up, there will be no money crunch

mud pot remedy for vastu- India TV Hindi

Image Source : India TV
mud pot remedy for vastu


  • Earthen pot brings good luck along with cold water
  • It should always be kept in the north direction

Summer has arrived and people have started keeping water bottles in the refrigerator. But even today earthen pots are kept in homes for cold water. Earthen pot not only makes water sweet and cool, it also has great importance in astrology. Vastu says that the earthen pot not only brings coolness but also brings wealth and good luck in life.

Let us know in which direction the earthen pot should be kept in the house so that there is never any shortage of money in the house.

  • Whenever you bring an earthen pot into the house, after washing it and filling it, first of all give water to a child. By doing this, money will always come in the house.
  • The earthen pot should always be kept in the north direction. North direction is the direction of Varun Dev i.e. the god of water and keeping an earthen pot in this direction always brings God’s grace in the house. There is happiness in the house and the family members progress.
  • Never leave the earthen pot empty. Whenever its water becomes less, fill it immediately. Actually water and money are considered equal and a pot filled with earth also keeps the wealth and property in the house full.
  • If there is a financial crisis in the house or if there is a problem of career or job, then lighting a lamp in front of an earthen pitcher will reduce these problems.
  • If someone is going through mental stress in the house, then he should give water from an earthen pot to the plants. By doing this, the mental stress of the person concerned is removed and he progresses.
  • If you do not have an earthen pot, then you can also keep an earthen jug in the house. This is also very auspicious for the family.