Karnataka After hijab loudspeakers in mosques now Muslim fruit vegetable seller disputes entry Shri Ram Sena gave this warning


Pramod Muthalik Founder of Sri Ram Sena- India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Pramod Muthalik Founder of Sri Ram Sena


  • About 60 percent of businessmen here in Kolar are Muslims.
  • Whereas 40 percent of the businessmen are Hindu.
  • Shri Ram Sena came into the limelight in January 2009

Kolar: The hijab controversy in Karnataka was not yet completely settled that now a new controversy has taken birth. Hindu organization Shri Ram Sena alleges that the wholesale market of mangoes in Kolar district of the state is dominated by Muslim traders. That’s why these people make them wait long to buy mangoes from Hindu farmers. After which they are forced to buy their fruits at cheap prices.

60 percent business muslims

Almost the same situation is also in the vegetable markets here. Where Muslim businessmen threaten to throw Hindu women vegetable vendors out of the market. Shri Ram Sena believes that the number of Muslim businessmen is more in the local markets here. That’s why his organization is running a campaign to increase the participation of Hindus in fruit and vegetable markets. Let us tell you that eight to 10 thousand tonnes of mangoes are produced every year in Kolar district of Karnataka. About 60 percent of the businessmen here are Muslim and 40 percent of the businessmen are Hindu.

Who is Shri Ram Sena

Sri Ram Sena came into limelight in January 2009 when its activists attacked women with their families at a pub in Mangaluru. Since then this organization has been protesting on many issues. Not only this, Shri Ram Sena has also been demonstrating against celebrating Valentine’s Day. More recently, Shri Ram Sena had also demonstrated against the demand for a ban on giving azaan from mosques.