Disabled girl from Ghaziabad appeals to CM Yogi for help, is upset by throwing stones from the roof of the mosque


Divyang girl appeals to CM Yogi for help - India TV Hindi

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Divyang girl pleaded for help from CM Yogi


  • Ghaziabad’s handicapped girl pleaded for help from CM Yogi
  • Troubled by throwing stones from the roof of the mosque
  • The administration installed CCTV cameras on the gate and roof of the mosque

Giving a complaint to the CM helpline of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a Hindu family living in Shaheedi Nagar of Sahihabad area in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh has made serious allegations of harassment on behalf of the Muslim community. Sunita (name changed) and her mother have alleged that they are being harassed for the last 2,3 years. There is a mosque just next to Sunita’s house, which some time ago someone had given his house as a mosque. The mosque is also on the back side of his house, his house is in the middle of the mosque, it is alleged that stones, obscene objects were thrown at his house from the roof of the mosque. Attempts were made to attack his mother twice. Dirt is deliberately spread outside their house.

The victim says how permission was given to build a mosque around her house. Their house is peeped and sometimes obscene things and bones are thrown. Their demand is that the administration should give them a house somewhere other than here where they can live in peace.

They complained to the CM helpline, after which CCTV cameras have been installed on the gate and roof of the mosque, along with a shed behind their roof, where there was an open area of ​​​​the mosque, it has been closed so that no prying eyes Can’t do it and if someone does any wrong thing then he gets caught in the CCTV camera.

Police have put up security outside the house. Police patrolling has been increased, although the police is investigating the allegations in this case. CCTV cameras and sheds have been installed in the mosque, but police officials say that no reality has been found in the allegations so far. After the accident of the victim, the financial condition of the family has become very weak. The family wants the administration to give them a separate house from here and the people of the area buy their house and give them a good amount so that they can earn their living.