Corona Guidelines It is not necessary to apply mask in many states of the country including Haryana. Corona Guidelines: It is not necessary to apply mask in many states of the country including Haryana, fine has also ended


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Corona Guidelines

Chandigarh: The people of the country have breathed a sigh of relief due to the continuous decline in the cases of Corona. Meanwhile, the central government and the state governments are also now giving relaxation to the public in the corona rules. In such a situation, a big news has come out from Haryana.

The compulsory wearing of masks by the public has now been done away with in Haryana. Earlier, in Haryana, a fine of Rs 500 was imposed for not wearing a mask. However, the government has suggested that the public should follow the corona rules and use masks, sanitizers.

Recently it was reported that in Delhi also DDMA had decided not to collect fine from those who do not wear masks in public places. Earlier in Delhi also, those who did not wear masks were fined Rs 500.

For the time being, it is important for the public to keep in mind that the corona is not completely over yet, so do not take any kind of carelessness and follow the corona protocols.

The Maharashtra government has also decided to remove all corona restrictions from April 2. Here too the requirement of masks has been abolished. Corona restrictions have already been lifted in West Bengal as well.

Significantly, today 1,096 new cases of corona have been reported in the country in a single day. At present, the number of active cases of corona in the country is 13,013.