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Chanakya Niti

Vishnugupta i.e. Chanakya, who was the teacher of political science at Taxila University, has told those things in his ethics, which will always be relevant. Even in today’s time, it is very important to follow the words of Acharya Chanakya to lead a successful life. Let’s know in today’s Chanakya Niti how relationships can be taken care of in personal life.

‘It is better to stand alone than to stand with someone who does not value your relationships.’ – Acharya Chanakya

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Acharya Chanakya has tried to give importance to relationships in terms of this statement. He has emphasized that everyone should value the relationship. Whether these relationships are your own or you have created this relationship through acquaintance. Many times it happens that people only appreciate those relationships with which they have blood relation. They feel that this relationship is the best. Although the matter is also true, but it is not that because of blood relations, you should ignore the rest of the relationships.

Even if you do not have a blood relation with anyone, but your behavior should be such that it does not seem less than blood relations. Sometimes people don’t care about these relationships. Or if someone tells them something, then they ignore those relationships. But they forget that man should always appreciate all relationships. Whether that relation is of blood or not.

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If a person does not appreciate any of these relationships, then he remains alone in life. Even with such a person, it is better that you stand alone at every turn in life. That is why Acharya Chanakya has said that it is better to stand alone than standing with a person who does not value your relationships.