chanakya niti always keep these 5 things secret otherwise you have to face trouble.


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chanakya niti


  • Acharya Chanakya’s policies full of meaning and knowledge still teach the public how to live in society and family.
  • These policies help in times of crisis, give right advice

Chanakya ji has given many ways to achieve success in his ethics as well as to lead a happy and peaceful life. Acharya Chanakya’s policies full of meaning and knowledge still teach the public how to live in society and family. Acharya Chanakya has given his opinion on many issues related to money, health, business, married life and society, which is known as Chanakya Niti. These policies provide relief in times of crisis and give right advice.

Chanakya ji has mentioned some such things in his ethics, which a person should not share with anyone in his life, so let’s know about them-

Do not tell anyone about the loss of money-

Acharya Chanakya says that if a person loses money in business, then it should not be mentioned in front of others. By doing this, your opponents will dominate you by considering you weak and others will distance you from you by considering you useless. In such a situation, do not tell about the loss to anyone and do not mention your financial position in the society.

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Never disclose weakness-
You must have often heard that never tell anyone about your weakness, because of this people take advantage of you. It often happens that a person is very broken from inside, in such a situation sometimes the family also leaves him. The people who support you in difficult times are your own, others do not feel your pain.

Do not share your wife’s advantages or disadvantages.
If someone’s wife has any good or bad qualities, she fights with you or even insults you, even then this thing should not be said in front of others. The person who does this is in danger of spoiling the image in the society and married life becomes a matter of joke for others.

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your sorrow-
You should also not tell your sorrows and problems to everyone, because these people will not help, on the contrary, they will make fun of you.

If you have got cheated from someone, then do not tell the other-
Even if someone has cheated you, do not mention this to others, by doing so, people can cheat you by considering you as weak minded or generous, so by mentioning such things, your image should not be tarnished. This will weaken your position in the society and people will not take your words seriously.