betel leaf remedy for wealth and prosperity paan ke patte ka upaay paan ka patta door karega pareshani

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paan ka patta

Paan is not only useful for eating. Along with medicines, betel leaves have been said to have special importance for worship in Hinduism. You must have seen, betel leaves are offered to the Lord in every worship recitation. Betel leaf is also of great importance among the things offered to him to get the blessings of God.

In astrology, betel leaf is considered as a divine leaf, using which brings happiness and peace in the family and good luck. In astrology, betel leaves are said to be helpful in removing financial and personal problems of life and that is why the easy remedies of betel leaves prove to be effective many times.

Let us know some easy remedies of holy betel leaves, through which the problems of your life can be eradicated and positivity and happiness can come in life.

  • If the work being done gets stopped and despite many efforts, the work is not done, then every Sunday i.e. on Sunday, get out of the house with a betel leaf. When stepping out of the house, keep a betel leaf in your pocket. Due to this, the stalled work slowly starts forming the yoga.
  • To complete any big work which is not being done by you, on Tuesday or Saturday, offer sweet paan to Hanuman ji. This will mean that Hanuman ji will now take the initiative to complete that big work of yours.
  • If there is a problem in business or job, on Saturday, take 5 peepal leaves and 8 whole stems of betel leaves and thread them in a single thread and tie them in the east direction in the shop like a bandana. Do this work every Saturday and throw the old leaves in some river running water. Due to this the problems of job and business start ending.
  • Offer it to Goddess Lakshmi on every Friday by placing rose petals on a betel leaf. This opens the doors of economic progress in the house.
  • If there is an atmosphere of fighting and discord in the house all the time, then every evening after burning camphor on a betel leaf, burn it in the whole house and pray to the Ishta Dev for happiness and peace. This will bring happiness and peace in the house and positivity will increase.

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