Assam Guwahati daily wage laborer buys a scooter using coins saved for 8 years| He kept collecting every coin for 8 years, then surprised everyone

Guwahati daily wage laborer coins saved- India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Guwahati daily wage worker coins saved

Guwahati : There are some dreams that take years to come true and it requires a lot of patience. Showing this patience and restraint, a daily wage laborer fulfilled his dreams by accumulating a huge capital for himself. The name of this laborer from Guwahati is Upen Rai. After accumulating every single coin for 8 years, this man, a daily wage earner, finally bought a scooter for himself with this accumulated capital.

Upen Rai told that he was collecting these coins since 2014. Finally, when he had accumulated Rs 1.5 lakh, he spent a part of his deposit and bought a scooter for himself from it.