Are the streaks of lightning seen in the sky meteorites or the re-entry of a Chinese rocket stage?


Meteor fell in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra? - India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Meteor fell in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra?


  • The streaks seen in the sky like flashes of lightning are meteorites?
  • Or the re-entry of the Chinese rocket stage?

Meteor falls: Stunning footage has emerged from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is believed that these streaks like flashes of lightning are meteors. This footage is reported to have been seen in Nagpur in Maharashtra and Jhabua and Barwani districts of Madhya Pradesh. Its videos are becoming very viral on social media. On watching the video, it seems as if there is a meteorite or a tail wire.

Although it is being told as a meteorite, but astronomers have speculated that the satellite may have crashed. At the same time, people are saying many things after seeing this incident. According to those who saw this light, then they saw light coming from the sky to the ground at a high speed.

Actually, when meteorites fall on the earth, their brightness is so high that people within a radius of about 200 to 300 km can see it in the sky. The age of small meteorites is around 100 years or so. They can enter the atmosphere of any planet while circling in the solar system.

At the same time, some astronomers believe that the event was ‘re-entry of the Chinese rocket stage’, which was launched in February 2021. However, this incident has taken everyone by surprise. From common people to astronomers are saying different things, but so far no harm has been caused by this incident.