America warns India about Russia, know what answer did Akbaruddin give?

Syed Akbaruddin - India TV Hindi

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Syed Akbaruddin

new Delhi. US Deputy NSA Dalip Singh has come to India. During this, he kept the American side in the context of Russia in discussion with India. Dalip Singh warned India that countries violating US sanctions on Russia will have to face dire consequences. He also tried to threaten India by taking China. US Deputy NSA Dalip Singh, who is on a two-day visit to India, has warned India. He said that countries that violate the sanctions imposed on Russia will also have to face dire consequences. He also said that America does not want Russia’s share in India’s imports of energy and other things to increase.

The American deputy NSA did not stop here. He also said that India should not even expect that if China ever violates the LAC, Russia will come to its rescue. After starting the war against Ukraine, Dalip Singh is being told an important role in deciding the US sanctions on Russia. Dalip Singh made this statement at a time when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also arrived on a two-day visit to India on Thursday.

Controversy over the statement of US deputy NSA

Tension has also started on this statement of American Deputy NSA. Syed Akbaruddin, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has criticized the US deputy NSA for using such words. He tweeted and wrote, ‘So this is our friend. This is not the language of diplomacy. This is the language of coercion. Someone tell this young man that unilateral punitive sanctions are a violation of international law.

What did the US deputy NSA say?

America’s Deputy NSA Dalip Singh came on a two-day visit to India on Wednesday. He met Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Ringla. During this, Dalip Singh said that America does not want any country to conduct financial transactions with the central banks of Russia.

Dalip Singh said that at present, India’s import of energy (oil and gas) from Russia does not violate US sanctions in any way, but the US would like India to find ways to reduce its dependence on ‘untrustworthy suppliers’. “We don’t want to see a mechanism that pushes the ruble (Russian currency) forward or weakens the dollar-based financial system,” he said.

Trying to threaten by taking the name of China!

Dalip Singh also tried to threaten India by taking the name of China. He said Russia had said that China was its most important strategic partner and it would have an impact on India. He said that Russia is the junior partner in this partnership which is detrimental to India’s interests. He said that I do not think anyone will believe that if China violates the LAC once again, then Russia will run to protect India.

Russian Foreign Minister arrived on a two-day visit to India

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in India for the day on Thursday. Russia’s Foreign Ministry says that in this visit Lavrov will be accompanied by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister S. Will meet Jaishankar. However, in the media advisory issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, there is no mention of meeting PM Modi.