Al-Qaeda leader praises ‘hijab girl’ Muskan Khan, Hindu organizations demand investigation | Al-Qaeda leader praises ‘hijab girl’ Muskan Khan, Hindu activist demands probe


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Ayman al-Zawahri and Bibi Muskan Khan.

Bangalore: Hindu activists have demanded a probe into the matter after dreaded terror outfit Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video praising Karnataka’s ‘hijab girl’ wife Muskaan Khan. Along with this, he has also requested the investigating agencies to take Muskan into custody. Divya, a Hindu activist from Kalaburagi district, on Thursday demanded the arrest of Muskan, a student from Mandya district, who raised ‘Allahu Akbar’ slogans in front of students who raised ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans amid the hijab controversy.

‘…then Muskan should be sent to Pakistan’

Divya said, “The student needs to be taken into custody and investigated and whether she has terrorist links. He should not be allowed to go out until the investigation is done. If any links with terrorist organization Al-Qaeda are found, Muskan should be deported to Pakistan. At the same time, Karnataka Home Minister Arga Gyanendra said on Wednesday that Zawahiri’s praise of Muskaan, a student who stood in defense of hijab over the hijab controversy, proves the involvement of unknown elements in the controversy.

‘Police is investigating all these things’
When asked about Zawahiri praising Muskaan in the video, Gyanendra said, “We have been saying this since the beginning and the High Court also suggested during the judgment that some unknown elements were behind the hijab controversy. involvement is likely. Now it has been proved because al-Qaeda people are now releasing the video. the way things are happening, what is the relation (between them). All these are being investigated by the police. She will find out.

Zawahiri praised Muskan Khan
Let us tell you that Zawahiri used Karnataka’s recent hijab controversy to target democracy in India, saying that ‘we have to stop being deceived by the mirage of pagan Hindu democracy’. The terrorist organization had released an 8.43-minute video clip and it was verified by the American SITE Intelligence Group. In the video clip, Zawahiri also praised Karnataka student Muskan Khan for confronting a group of students who were protesting against the hijab at her college in early February.

Zawahiri mentions ‘Mujahid sisters’
Keeping distance from Zawahiri’s statement, Muskan’s father termed the statement of the terrorist organization leader as “false” and said that he and his family members are living peacefully in India. In the video, Zawahiri can also be seen reciting a ghazal in which the al-Qaeda leader says he wrote it for “our Mujahid sisters” and their “courage”. He has said in the video, ‘May Allah bless them for bringing out the truth of Hindu India and exposing the hypocrisy of its pagan democracy.’

‘The illusion that surrounds oneself must be removed’
The video has also put an end to the rumors about Zawahiri having died of natural causes. This is the second video of an al-Qaeda leader in the past 6 months, which mainly mentions the hijab controversy. Zawahiri, one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, said, “We have to clear the confusion that surrounds us.” We must stop the deceit of India’s pagan Hindu democracy.

‘They banned the hijab’
Addressing the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, Zawahiri said they should realize that there is no such thing as ‘human rights’ or ‘respecting the constitution’ or ‘law’ in the real world. The al-Qaeda leader said, “This is the same conspiracy of deceit that Western countries have used against us, the true nature of which was exposed by France, Holland and Switzerland when they banned the hijab, while Allowed to be naked in public.

‘The enemy of Islam bans the hijab’
Zawahiri said, “The enemy of Islam is one and he is the one who bans the hijab and attacks Islamic Sharia.” It is an attack on Islam, its basic principles, its laws, its ethics and customs. Calling for the solidarity of Muslims from China to the Islamic Mugareb, Zawahiri said, “We should only rely on Allah and actively help each other.” We must understand that the governments that were imposed on us, especially in Pakistan and Bangladesh, will not save us, but they will save the enemies who have given them the strength to fight us.

‘It tried to create division between us’
Muskan’s father Mohammad Hussain Khan said in Mandya, Karnataka, ‘We don’t know anything about it. We don’t know who he is. I saw him for the first time today. We are living here with love and brotherhood.’ Asked about Zawahiri praising Muskaan in the video, he said, “People can say whatever they want. It is creating unnecessary trouble. We are living peacefully in the country, we don’t want him to talk about it because he is not affiliated with us. This is wrong, it is an attempt to create division between us.

‘Indian Muslims will not heed Zawahiri’s call’
Muskan’s father, referring to her watching the video too, said that whatever Zawahiri has said is wrong. Muskan’s father said, ‘She (Smile) is still a student, she wants to study.’ Asked about the demand by a section of people for a probe to find out any links, Khan said, “Let it happen.” There is law, police and government for this. At the same time, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Indian Muslims will not heed the call of Zawahiri.