Yogi Babu will become the next Vadivelu .. Do not be a leader, leader

Yogibabu is one of the busiest comedians in Tamil cinema at present. Having acted in a few films in the early days, he is currently starring in several films along with leading actors.

He has also starred in films such as Mandela and Gorkha. He also co-starred with Vijay Sethupathi in the recently acclaimed last farmer film.

In addition, he currently owns more than a dozen films, including Beast, Myself, and Tiger. Yogi Babu, who has been acting like this, has been doing over-the-top chatting on filming sites recently.

That means if you come to film at 9 a.m., the caravan will leave at 12 p.m. So if he goes into the caravan it will take 4 hours to come back again. Well if he thinks he will act after that he finishes filming at five and leaves for home.

This is what actor Vadivelu Palo was doing at one time. Thus all the film opportunities available to him went to other comedians. And he went ugly on the screen because of his action.

Currently, Yogibabu is doing the same thing, much to the displeasure of everyone on the set. And there is a risk that film opportunities will slip through his hands due to this quality of his. Yogi Babu, who is currently the most beloved actor for children, understands all this and reads it a little bit so that his future cinema career will be better.

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