Wimal has tarnished his name

Wimal made his acting debut in Tamil cinema with the film Pasanga directed by Pandiraj. After that, his movie Kalavani was well received by the fans. Although he acted in a lot of films after that, none of the films except Pasanga and Kalavani gave him an identity.

Wimal dropped out of school at an early age due to his interest in cinema and joined the Koothupattarai. Since then he has risen to become a protagonist, playing minor roles in films. However, Vimal is still struggling to find a permanent place for himself in cinema.

Although Vimal has acted in some films with many actors, he has not been able to stand alone in cinema. Vimal has not got any film opportunity for the last three years. He went to the web series saying that cinema did not give us a hand when it was like that.

Wimal has acted as a cop in the web series ‘Animal’. Actress Iniya has acted opposite Vimal in this. Apart from this, many actors including Muniskanth, Balasaravanan and Manohar have acted in it. The series is directed by Prashant Bandiraj.

Released on the G5 ODT site to produce animal religion. In this situation, he did not hand over the silver screen to Vimal and hoped that the web series would buy the name. Apart from that, Wimal had said that he would give more importance to story selection from now on.

But everyone frowns when asked how the film looks with the obscene, ugly words spoken by Wimal in the series. Fans have said that you can become a big fan of cinema if you act with a little bit of pornography.

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