Will you act in Bollywood? Surya gave a shocking answer


The status of some of the actors and actresses who went to Bollywood from Tamil cinema has now increased manifold. Thus the existing leading actors are also showing interest in acting in Bollywood films. That has raised the question of whether Surya has the desire to act in Bollywood films.

Recently Surya has been choosing different stories and acting. Surya’s Surya and Jay Beam films received huge recognition. Surya continues to reach the goal through his films.

In this situation, Surya’s film directed by Bandiraj is daring for anything. The film is produced by Sun Pictures. With the recent release of Surya’s films on OTV, the anticipation has increased as the movie ‘Dare Anything’ is being released in theaters.

The Brave Man is released in 5 languages. Actor Surya has a lot of fans in Kerala. In this situation, Surya has gone to Kerala to promote the film ‘Dare Anything’. Surya was then asked various questions.

In it you are asked if you will act in Bollywood films and if you have a desire to act there. Surya who responded to it does not need to prove his talent only if he goes to Bollywood. All the South Indian actors show their full potential and excellent acting.

In fact, Surya has said that we can even look back at Bollywood cinema. Surya also said that he has a desire to act in more Bollywood films and will definitely act if given the opportunity. Surya can be expected to star in Bollywood very soon as actor Dhanush is currently starring in Bollywood films.

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