Wife threatening to ask for money in public .. Dadi Balaji to tell the truth and cry in the interview


Dadi Balaji, who became famous through his Vijay TV show, is currently living apart from his wife Nitya. The disagreement between the two came from a few years ago.

Their panchayat, which was a normal family problem, eventually spread to the police case, the media. Dadi Balaji’s wife caused a stir by giving a series of interviews in the media alleging that her husband was abusing her.

And she left her husband and is now living alone, taking her child with her so that she can no longer live with him. When the two decided to separate, Dadi Balaji asked his wife if she wanted alimony.

But his wife has gone on to say that I do not need any money. After that they both attended Vijay TV’s Big Boss show. Thus the problem was further exacerbated when it was thought that the two of them would get along.

Apart from that, Nithya has asked Dadi Balaji for alimony of Rs 20 lakh. At first he said no and now he asked for money which has caused another problem between the two.

In addition, Nithya has been involved in misleading her child Poshika on social media about Dadi Balaji, warning her to release a video and making her dance. Many protested.

Many advised Nitya not to sow whatever problem you have in the mind of the child. It also went to the attention of Dadi Balaji. Poshika’s school administration has also told her that talking like this on your child’s social media also affects the future of fellow students.

Frightened by this, Dadi Balaji thinks of his daughter’s future and says that it would be better if he is with her now. Dadi Balaji is often silent on their issue.

But his wife Nitya publicly threatens him with the baby that he has evidence of everything and will leave it out. Fans who saw this are posting comments against him saying that you did everything as planned.

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