Why is Ramanand Sagar’s granddaughter Sakshi Chopra being compared with Urfi Javed? Lots of comments coming on social media. Ramanand Sagar great granddaughter sakshi chopra Photos Fans Compare With Urfi Javed

sakshi chopra

Sakshi Chopra


  • Ramanand Sagar got recognition because of Ramayana
  • Ramanand Sagar’s granddaughter Sakshi’s style is bold
  • People like Sakshi very much on social media

Ramanand Sagar Granddaughter: Who does not know Ramanand Sagar, who brought the story of Ramayana on screen. This religious serial gave Ramanand a door-to-door identity. But nowadays his granddaughter Sakshi Chopra is spreading fire on social media. Her dressing sense is such that people are comparing Sakshi with Urfi Javed.

How accurate are the comparators saying. To understand this, you should look at the pictures of Sakshi. Just look how bold and hot she is. Is she really giving a bang to Urfi Javed?

Well, we will see the pictures, but before that we get to know some things about Sakshi. Sakshi is a singer and musician. He is also a Social Media Influencer. People follow him on social media.

Check out some photos of Sakshi Chopra here-

Sakshi Chopra

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Sakshi Chopra in black dress


Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Sakshi in a bold yellow dress

sakshi pics

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Sakshi Chopra in bold style

Perhaps very few people would know that Sakshi does not live in India. She lives in the US. People like her a lot because of her dress. Also comment fiercely on his post.