When Michael Jackson lived and fell! – Fame, Che ** s addiction to whom

In this series of articles we look at celebrities who have descended from the pinnacle of fame and money. The celebrity we’ve going to see now in that category, is Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson is the undisputed king of the pop music world. He is proud to have tied so many young hearts with his music and amazing dance. He gained money and fame that no one could count. He lived life as he pleased. He died at the age of 50.

Early period: Michael Jackson, the eighth heir of the Jackson family. His family is not a comfortable family. In spite of the difficulties the whole family is more involved in music. Because of that 5 brothers and sisters together formed a band called Jacksons. Over time, Michael began to write solos, write songs, and hold solo albums and concerts. He also developed his dancing skills.

His journey: His career, which began as a soloist in 1971, has grown tremendously. His songs were innovative and seemed to shed new blood to hear. It was completely different from the music of his predecessor, the great musician Elvis Presley. His music albums such as ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’ were hugely successful. He made millions of dollars in just five years.

Diversity: Michael Jackson was not only a singer, but also a good dancer. He worked hard for it. Because of that the singer was able to learn Moonwalk dance from Dancer Jeffrey. He also wrote lyrics for his own albums. He later became famous for introducing neo-fashionable clothing. The prices of many brands skyrocketed just because he wore them. One such diversity is Michael Jackson.

Peak fame: The late 80s and early 90s were his golden years. His albums Dangerous, Thriller and Beat It became popular not only in the US and Europe but all over the world. A separate fan base was formed for him in India as well. The Thriller Music Album became the world’s best-selling album. It was while singing Billy Jean on stage that he performed a dance movement called Moon Walk. It took a while for those who saw the miracle to believe it was true. The fact that he was so famous that he was invited by the President of the United States speaks volumes about his excellence.

Skin damage: The more fame and money Michael Jackson received, the more controversy and dissatisfaction he received. Initially his songs were projected as a symbol of blackness. Over time that image began to take shape. As it turned out, Michael was suffering from vitiligo, a skin disease in which he lost his skin color and began to turn pale. He often bleached to get rid of this occasional flaw. He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat him. Even in India there is misinformation that he has undergone plastic surgery more and more and just got white.

Man of Controversy: Michael Isaacson, who had such great money and fame, fell for a sex complaint. That too because of the homosexuality controversy. And the fact that he committed this crime against minors is the main reason why his reputation started to fade. The world does not accept this. Controversy arose over whether he committed the crime in 1993 with his friend’s son and then in 2005. But even once the police were unable to prove guilt. It would be said that Jackson finished this smoothly outside the court.

Bob King’s death: His albums did not go big in the 2000s. He could not regain his old fame due to the fact that many musicians and groups came and became popular and the taste of the people changed from pop to rap and melody. Michael worked hard for his new album ‘This Ice It’ to regain his fame as the large crowd of back street boys, Madonna and Britney Spears grew. But at the age of 50 he died unexpectedly. It is known that he overdosed on the drug propofol.

The fame of the great musician was ruined. He will be famous even if he dies. No matter how many times you ask, albums like Dangerous, Thriller, Beat It never get boring.

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