Vishal as a snake swinging to the crown .. Left and right to push

Vishal is an action hero in his real life just like the films he has acted in. He has been doing really daring things since the South Indian Film Association election and catching pirated DVD sellers.

He is currently starring in the film Lathi. The first look poster of the recently released film was well received. The fight scenes for the film are scheduled to be shot in Hyderabad for three days.

But Vishal, who was staying at a hotel in Hyderabad, did not come out of the hotel room for three days. Vishal has been suffering from migraine for a long time. Thus not going to the sheeting of the film. Thus the shooting was canceled.

The film is being produced by Vishal’s close friends, Rana and Nanda, who act as his left and right in Sangam’s work. They are currently holding on to Vishal to finish their film and then star in other films.

Vishal, who was already seriously injured during the shooting of the fight scenes of the film, is doing Ayurvedic medicine and is acting again. It is said that he went to help his friends financially and now he is very upset that they do not understand his situation.

Trapped in this grip, Vishal is currently struggling to start his next films Detective 2 and Karthik Subramaniam.

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