Vijay TV celebrity immersed in serial .. poster goes viral with image pooja

Celebrities who enter the iconic screen in order to get a chance on the silver screen get the opportunity to progress at some point and act in cinema. In that line, Sivakarthikeyan, Santhanam and Yogibabu are the celebrities who have made their way from the iconic screen to the silver screen.

Brijan, who has been starring in the serial for a long time on the iconic screen, now has the opportunity to play the lead role in a movie.

The puja for the new film is being held today. The film is directed by Shankar-Kennedy and produced by SV Suriyakanth on behalf of Sri Krishna Film Productions. Ajith will play another hero with Prajan. So the film will have two heroines including Rashmi and Pragya Nayan.

Recently, Prajan Vijay was seen pairing up with Saranya in the TV serial Waiteki Kadhirunthal. When Brajan leaves the serial, he is replaced by a serial actor named Munna.

A few fans were watching the serial with interest just because Brajan Waitheki is starring in the waiting serial. That serial has started to hit the dull after he left. Realizing this, the heroine of the serial Saranya Vijay has given a mass entry as a police officer in the TV serial ‘We are two, we are two’.

Therefore, it is highly appreciated by his fans that he is going to act in a movie in the cinema even if he is not Prajan in the serial. Shooting for this film starts as soon as possible.



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