Vijay Antony is a threat .. Murder movie First Look poster


Music director and actor Vijay Antony has changed the unwritten rule that a film can only run in theaters if it has actors in Tamil cinema. Vijay Antony’s performance was highly talked about as his first film I hit the screens. Following this, Vijay Antony, who has acted in many films, always uses negative titles in his films. Meanwhile, the first look poster of the murder movie starring Vijay Antony has been released.

The 2015 film Beggar, directed by Sasi and starring Vijay Antony, was not only a huge success but was also seen as a turning point in Vijay Antony’s screen career. In this case the poster for the second part of the film was released last March. They confirmed that the character of Aunty Bikili will be featured in the film.

The theme song of the movie Beggar 2 with the Aunty Bikili poster also went viral on the internet. This was followed by the release of the superb First Look poster of the murder movie directed by Balaji Kumar and produced by Infinity Film Ventures and produced by Lotus Pictures starring actor Vijay Antony.

The murder movie starring actress Rithika Singh, Radhika Sarathkumar, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Murali Krishna, Kishore Kumar has been made in languages ​​including Tamil and Telugu. Currently, the first look poster of the film has been released.

The first look poster of the film, which was released in Tamil with a murder title and in Telugu with a Hatya title, is currently going viral on the internet. It is through this First Look poster that the plot of the film can be guessed. The film is said to be set against the backdrop of Vijay Antony struggling to find a murderer.



While the murder movie is being made as a suspense thriller, an update poster of Vijay Antony’s next film including Rainless Man, Blood has also been released. It is noteworthy that Vijay Antony’s music is usually found in the films he has acted in but at present Vijay Antony has not committed to composing music in the films of many other actors.

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