Venpaa who is comfortably trapped in a rat trap .. is a rogue villain for Atti

Willie Venpaa has been keeping Vijay in his arms and playing the role perfectly for nine years without letting him live with his wife in Vijay TV’s Bharathikannamma serial.

Mayandi, Venpa’s old friend, has taken video of how she separated Bharathi and Kannamma in anger, the fact that Bharati has no problem with her body and the fact that Lakshmi and Hema are both Kannamma’s children.

He not only intimidates Venpa from time to time by keeping this video but also extorting money. So now Mayandi is calling Venpaa and asking for 50 thousand rupees. Venpa immediately denies it and sends the video to Venpa.

Venpa laments that she is trapped in a rat trap. As well as thinking villainously of wanting to find a solution to this problem, Mayandi is going to give the anesthetic in the meal as if she were bringing money home.

Housemaid Shanti helps with this. After that, Venpa plans to tie Mayanti’s together with Durga, who has already given a whip to Venpa. With the help of the property cart Mayandi, Venpa is going to swallow the food given by Venpa and get comfortable in his hands.

Venpaa, who thus encounters the problem that befell her, is becoming a terrible villain in the serial day by day. Apart from that both Bharathi and Kannamma deal with everyone who gets in the way of it without joining. So Venpaa’s character in Bharathikannamma serial is seen as an added strength of this serial.

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