Varun Sood became emotional on Twitter after remembering Divya Aggarwal Papa supported Varun Sood became emotional on Twitter after remembering Divya Aggarwal, so Papa supported


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Divya and Varun


  • Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood split after dating for more than four years
  • Varun proposed Divya on the reality show ‘Ace of Space’
  • Divya announces break-up with Varun on March 6

Reality show stars Varun Sood and Divya Aggarwal’s breakup came as a shock to not only their fans but also their family and friends. Finally, the actor’s father broke his silence on his son’s breakup with the Bigg Boss OTT winner. Soon after Divya officially announced their separation via an official statement on Instagram, Varun posted a picture with “Forever and forever.” A netizen reacted to Varun’s tweet and wrote, “Tell me the name. With which one?” To which the Roadies fame replied, “With Divya.”

When Varun’s father Vineet Sood noticed that Varun was still getting emotional about Divya, he commented on Varun’s post and said, “Respect Divya’s decision. You both loved each other. You are still there. You do. This is life. I don’t have any negativity for her. She used to have and will keep my unfiltered affection and care.”

He added, “Cheer up your time together and wish her luck and God’s speed in life. Mom and I do. Rock on.”

Let us tell you that on Sunday, Divya informed everyone about her breakup in an Instagram post. She wrote, “Life is such a circus! Try and keep everyone happy, don’t expect anything to be true but what happens when self-love starts to wane?? No, whatever is happening to me I don’t blame anyone for that..and that’s okay..I want to breathe and live for myself..It’s okay!I formally declare that I am on my own in this life And I want to take my time to live the way I want to live! No, a decision doesn’t always have to have big statements, excuses and reasons. It’s just my choice to get out of it. I really want to spend with them I value and love all the happy moments. He is a great person! He will always be my best friend. Please respect my decision.”

After their breakup, many fans also raised questions on Varun’s character. Slamming those trolls, Divya took a tough stand for her ex-boyfriend and said that Varun is an “honest person” and urged people to stop speaking “nonsense”. He tweeted- “Dare anyone to say anything about Varun’s character.. Not every separation is because of character! He is an honest man! My decision to be single is that no one has the right to speak nonsense No! It takes a lot of power to make decisions like this in life! Respect.”

Varun and Divya were friends before participating in the reality show ‘Ace of Space’. Their love for each other grew in the house and Varun proposed Divya on the show.