Vadivelu’s salary for the movie Dog Seker Returns .. Like surpassing Vita Heroes!

Actor Vadivelu has an unshakable place in Tamil cinema with his comedy. Vadivelu, who impressed us in many films as a comedian, incarnated as a hero in cinema a few years back.

One such film in which he acted was a huge success, Imsai Arasan Twenty-third Pulicaci. Seeing the success of the film, the production management decided to prepare the second part of Vadivelu’s performance.

But Vadivelu was banned from acting in the film due to a problem with the film. Vadivelu also stayed away from becoming a comedian in any film due to some political issues.

Even though he did not act in films, the fan base he had was the same. Again his fans were eagerly waiting to see when he would star in the movie. After a long hiatus, actor Vadivelu returned to acting with the film Nai Sehgar Returns.

The announcement of the film went viral in the media. Currently, the film is being shot and shooting has started. Following this, many producers are vying to cast Vadivelu in their films.

It has also been reported that he has received a salary of Rs 10 crore for the film Shaker Returns. It also seems that he plans to raise this salary further in subsequent films depending on the reception available for this film.

What he did not do was stop acting in cinema and the fame and market that he had is still at its peak. This is why the producers come forward to give him the money he asked for.

Simbu was earning a salary of Rs 15 to 20 crore before the conference film and now he has gone to another level in the market. Vadivelu still seems to be touching Simbu’s market in 4,5 films.

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