Urfi Javed Replied To Trollers Says They Are Not My Father | When Urfi Javed’s anger broke out on the trollers, said


Every look of Urfi Javed manages to grab attention. Some time ago, wearing a sari, Urfi Javed posed for the paparazzi but her cutout blouse was in the headlines. A video of Urfi Javed in the same outfit also became increasingly viral. Seeing this, he was asked whether he is not afraid of trolls. Urfi gave the best answer to this. Urfi had described the trollers as the mother-in-law of 1920. Along with this, Urfi also said that he does not care about such people.

While some people again supported this statement of Urfi, some people also trolled him a lot. Actually Urfi Javed was asked by a reporter, you are not afraid of any troll? Responding to this, Urfi said – From what? The reporter’s voice comes on this, if someone complains.. Urfi speaks on this, Abba is little, is my mother-in-law?

He further said, ‘Why would I be afraid of random comments of such people. This internet did not happen, it became the mother-in-law of 1920. Anybody walks away with a taunt. Why would I feel scared? Supporting Urfi, a user wrote, ‘She has the guts to wear her unique design dresses. If there was a person commenting in his place, no one would come out of the house, but he has his own confidence.

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